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Soft Power has been one of the most debated terms in the language of international politics, business and diplomacy of the last 20 years – the power of attraction over … Continue reading

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Beyond Security: House of Lords’ Select Committee on Soft Power

Indra Adnan, Director of Soft Power Network, was asked to contribute written evidence to the UK House of Lords Select Committee on “Soft Power and the UK’s Influence“, 20th December, … Continue reading

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Britain has to lead with soft power

Why soft power is more effective than hard power in our interconnected world. Yesterday we found ourselves once again on the edge of that whirlpool that, with one moment of … Continue reading

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The Downing St Project

The Downing Street Project is a ground-breaking initiative to promote and enable balanced leadership between men and women at every level of society, up to and including 10 Downing Street. … Continue reading

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Human Givens Socio-Psychotherapy

THE HUMAN GIVENS APPROACH is a set of organising ideas that provides a holistic, scientific framework for understanding the way that individuals and society work. This framework encompasses the latest scientific understandings from … Continue reading

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Making Sense

HUFFINGTON POST: 22/04/13 Thatcher’s funeral v Olympic Opening Ceremony – which is the real Britain? By Indra Adnan After a week of media battles over Her legacy, BBC Newsnight opted … Continue reading

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Capital City Academy

ARE ACADEMIES NO MORE THAN POLITICAL FOOTBALLS? I’m meeting with senior executives of the Willesden school where I am a governor and thanking my lucky stars I like football, as it’s the … Continue reading

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